Yosemite Cabin Socks


Whether you're wearing your favorite boots, or just sporting bare socks around the house, you're going to love these recycled socks, which are made here in the USA!

We want to educate our consumers in knowing that supporting local businesses is just a small part of the supply chain. This collection is sustainably-sourced and the people behind it are treated fairly.

Each pair of socks features comfort ribbing for 

a tighter knit with a secure, snug fit that limits slipping.

Not only are our 

Outlands USA socks made from up-cycled materials, they're eco-friendly and qualify for the Global Recycling Standard.

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*Staff pick* - our designer Sarah, loves these because "
So flippin' comfy and down-right necessary for winter. They are always my first pick to be worn during important chores like walking the dog and caring for our backyard chickens."


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