Outlands Recycled Cotton Serpent Stare Socks

Outlands Recycled Cotton Serpent Stare Socks


It's the pop of psychedelic colors against the maroon background for us. 

A cushioned footbed and arch support are just the first things to know about our Outlands USA sock collection: at the same time stylish and eco-friendly, the entire collection is made from recycled materials, courtesy of our partner Recover


For those of you who need the specifics, here they are:

Recycled: each pair of socks is sourced from recycled materials.
Cushioned footbed: additional padding and comfort in the heel, arch and toe.
Arch support: 
dynamic support with light compression, to help support your feet and lessen fatigue. 
Roll top: less 
pinching, constriction, and indentation.

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